Said the descent pass off to motorcycle engines.

It is good and looking down the slope occasionally while listening to sounds of nature. Also serves and will feel different.

Often touring the near using the dual-sport motorcycle bike.
Highway 308 passes Mt. ikoma because living in Nara frequently go.
Peaks are called “dark Hill”, has been known as the highway connects Osaka and Nara from of old.
At the Osaka side of the road is steep, climbing, bike is the so ひっくり返り back.
Titular of the narrow highway and about when is a steep road, I this road climbs from the Nara and Osaka side descends beyond the pass, sometimes off the bike engine slowly slowly over time, while calling the brakes lightly walk who speed by. And come to listen and only barks chain and sound of the wind and birds, that is bet can never ever tasted so leisurely mood. Is car passes quite evening hours, otherwise it is quiet, so try once you’ve done?.


Road normal car also, so persuaded, turn off the engine when it comes “I and I keep off clutch only for time also?. Also be careful with drive.


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