You keep thinking this is just before a puppy

Before now, going and let’s keep the puppy behavior It will introduce the points should always consider.

  (1) Consent of the family
  Becomes member of the family it is always the consent of the family.

Agree especially housewives who always!
  (2) Someone to take care of?
  Take care of the dogs are many base every morning and evening walks, brushing, cleaning etc. So, who will take care of you? If that allotment?

Is was that with no decided to make sure don’t.
  (C) rearing lifelong

It is naturally 飼ったら bred until the end.
  (4) Male or female? During aggressive male is relatively active.
  Female character is essentially calm.
  I think if a puppy to increase future female good I think male long hair species if good Zia and coat length.


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