[Pet] importance of brushing

To better pet coat brushing is important in terms of health. I’ll be brushing diligently.

Get rid of hair missing, to better skin circulation to arrange pet coat brushing, links such as dandruff and flea preventative. Get rid of hair missing especially is important, prevent the swallowed hair become a hairball, belly.
Brushing should be noted is that excessive force, do not overdo it. And had the kinks, ほぐそう dash, little by little fingers.
And pet brushing hurts you, calm will be done to brushing. Also note that where the skin is thin 弛んで hurting the skin.
Attention is especially ears and muscle are put. Hairball is easily underbelly around the kind of short hair. I’ll be brushing down.
Lots of hair exits the for hair 生え変わる, seasons is.
This increase brushing than the usual number. Adorable appearance relieved the joy pets will was not given, brushing good feelings. I’ll and firmly as one of the communication.


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