[Pet] giving people food

Cute pets and pleading right away so given, feel yourself are eating. But don’t give it for a pet.

Pleading and eat sweets, cute pets look never come?
Inadvertently, would become to want to have it given stop. For body size is the difference between first person and pet, of course, would be poison for pets may include taking too much nutrition. Also, because taste can vary significantly between people and animals, stimulus too strong for animals for humans. So, pretty much from, do not give the people of food animals.
Often people eat animals, who set his lips to the reverse animal with mouth too. From bacterial infection extension this is. Please be careful with each other to guess.
When giving pet snack Jolt for pets. If you make at home, let site or book that introduced those pet snack such as reference. Don’t judge this and that and that is dangerous.


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