Feral and befriend a way

Fickle cat seen in the streets and along you want to be!
I want to take pictures! Is my cat rather like the
And feral friends will to introduce you.

And it parks and roads so debonair cat and detour

If you see the cat immediately away from, not inspired

-Sino cats and just staring

Chase too and not far away stray wariness was strong

When the cat approached, squatting slowly

And try to take further explanation if you take a picture.

Little by little and take pictures 逃げなかったら approaching

Stretched out a hand when touching the cat so much,
Reach the finger pussy please try let somebody smells.

And instead of cats were so was relieved stroke from the top of the head of a cat,
Try to prevent stroke from under the Chin

I did this together!

Get along with cats so need to be time reasonably,
And try walking making the time and the cat is how easy get along pretty well.

こく体 grate too mischievous cat come about
You may have かゆがって such as fleas.

Back patted who keeps cats and fleas are a cat home
So may be parasitic noted it might be good.


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