Ferret charm

Ferret and a companion of the weasel, bred in America, North America, New Zealand, etc has been imported to the Japan. Introducing the attraction.

I lived with dogs from childhood, was accidentally keeps a “ferret”.
I thought or Shepherd easily and without bark, sleeping most of that is it was a mistake…. Will certainly put the cage does not bark.
However, cage and dig toilets installed in one’s best. Sound and terrific. And 諦めません, is insistent.
Rising was 構わ however, obedient dog, completely dazzled true reverse, ferret, Keep until moved four ferrets purposely has become.
Its charm and…. Anyway is cute!
Also puppies and kittens cute!
But ferrets are aged still childhood cuteness will remain. And comes at the dog, the cat in unbridled freedom. Once 噛みません.
But think that odor that you like better, shall be taken, so most 臭腺 is never life up there.
Pets who betrayed so good direction, try living together would not easily.


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