Don’t give the pet food

When keeping dogs and cats, such as some foods do not give. Remember people keep it is, so “Mono” will absolutely not give give effect in pet health following.

As a prerequisite

Give first person eating as a major premise, the cat is not recommended.
Is the structure of different human and animal, nutritional, or biased
So unknowingly may be giving it to poison the body Pet gives the non-food 控えましょう.

Do not give a typical Mono

For dogs and cats is representative of the dangerous “garlic” and “onions”, “green onions”. Is health food for humans, will be also at home.
However, the underlying addiction for dogs and cats.
Causes anemia and hematuria.
It is said that material contained in leeks causes hemolytic reaction. From component does not change too much rather than just the raw onions, and heated attention is required.
Then, surprising is raw meat also not so good. Originally, raw meat for dogs and cats feast and is usually sold meat assumes for heating.
Raw pork is fear of Plasmodium and Toxoplasma infections disease are cooking is needed.
It is from parasites such as is contained in.
Also, is that same raw fish.

Do not give food mainly here as follows.
[Leeks, onion, leek, garlic]
Well gives it carelessly, hamburger and onion soup, Sukiyaki soup, requires special attention.
[Chocolate cocoa Cola, coffee, and of things that contain caffeine]
Theobromine, contained in テオグロシン of caffeine, cacao
Can cause diarrhea, vomiting and thermoregulation disorder, nocturia, urinary incontinence, Caren tenant fit.
Especially chocolate that stimulate the central nervous system, eating large amounts of and have reached a lethal dose is caused poisoning Also cause acute heart failure, such as death is suspicious.
[Bird bone or bones, such as sea bream: So especially bird bones, split vertically, it is dangerous because of fear of internal organs or any marine spikes.
[Shrimp, Octopus and squid] [Crab, jellyfish, konjac, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo, beans] [Dairy] products such as milk digestion bad from shrimp to dairy, seems prone to diarrhea and loose stools.
Pets, wild animals anyway is consider one because the Constitution is completely different. Better than giving the various food, pet foods have a regular can be assured.



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