Cicada takes

Take a summer staple, semi. Guide to challenge you and your children, such as when the

Select the Ami

□ the net big thing.
In the size of the network 1 or be semi fled, are caught by the dogs while chasing immediately
Can be changed.
Is easily noticed is thin, so not torn requires attention. So foot easily tangle NET semi if somewhat too white and tough guy who is better.

Catch the cicadas

Trick is bringing the networks closer to slowly, rather than suddenly catch.
Cicadas, are often fleeing on the Web than flee from next to the Ami.
So a semi on the Amiga, slowly pulling down. Then, falling to Potong and Ami.

Cicadas are present at

Tired of finding trees remained semi blindly
(Funny because just that catch other insects…). Shy, determined and find only semi find semi stops many trees is best.
-Holt wood
Cicadas often stop is first of all this.
This time map-NG and SAP’s nice smell. Semi also failed in taking all semi flew also immediately halt to come.
You smell of SAP-wood
Holt wood exist, do I smell and rely on OK
Shy, know a fine bird Dragon tea tea leaves smell mark please smell.
Look for leaves, diverted half rotten wood. Look for trees feel the tree of fermented sweet good smell.


Just take the semi eager to, to explore sensory semi is enjoying taking tricks.
Also it from caught and bred, semi hard, shorter life for the After observation for a while so I’ll release the fly!


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