Dog heat countermeasures

Hot summer.
Dog feels heat over human beings. A correct knowledge of pet heat countermeasures

Dog thermoregulation mechanism

Mechanism of thermoregulation hot when a radically different man and dog. Get out of sweat “glands”, humans can lower the temperature by evaporation heat of its sweat evaporated when.
Sweat glands on the other hand, almost without dogs, too, mainly out of my mouth out the tongue, breathing and harhar by sweating decreases the temperature. For mouth difference is body carburetor heat emission of the dog of lower temperature than humans ability is less far.
Additionally, you must body covered with hair dog, to take into consideration and respect. Was that much bearable human temperature so there is a great hot dog, need attention.

Effect is not so much fan unit

During the summer the temperature went down because as focused fan for dogs who have earlier is no dog to do that too.
Dog is by punting on the lower body temperature, is actually fans effective against dogs it isn’t, but not so dramatically increase the amount of evaporation heat can be emitted from the mouth tuned airflows. A fundamental solution is lowering the room temperature of air conditioning. Although CEATEC cooling efficiency to block sunlight enters the electricity fool you, so Windows curtains etc, together with fans cold pervades room evenly.

Drinking water and leave

Water is important for the dog. So efficient in water instead of just, yeah, you’ll drink presented the instrument into water so good, let’s (do is not to drink).

Walk notes

In addition to direct sunlight, dog is asphalt and reflected from the ground, directly at 浴びます. So I feel much hotter than the temperature of human experience, change the walking time morning and evening.


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