Cockatiel babies who

Keep the cockatiel (babies time) is the tips.


  1. Finishing 1-2 weeks or so baby cannot still eat my rice.
    It is kept cold in the room, would be dead. First, we’ll provide a basket. And in the basket is oh tap いれましょう newspaper to be.
  2. Newspaper is paved with one or two degree below, on the ばらまきましょう make torn loose-leaf over some things.
    ※ About うまる feet of the cockatiel is good. Wrapped in newspaper after stretching hot Cairo, during winter, good will and I’ll keep.
  3. Next is given to rice.
    Nutrient and things like syringes make Cup first put the rice and food for birds.
    Rice provides a skin not about it ( is sold in pet shops, etc ). Pour mix water into a cup and rice and nutritional. Please to hot water temperature is the temperature of making ramen
  4. Things such as syringes, rice and some birds.
    The stomach is hungry birds eat the rice from their own.
    However, because it sometimes difficult to give firm rice enters such a case,
    To thrust into things such as syringes, grab the head gently seated here is rice.
     ※ Rice at 1 times here in 3 hours.
     寝かさない baby of early health getting worse now. 6 Hours 寝かせましょう up to 7 hours.


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