[Saving tips: If you take a license at training camp

Car is necessary, but cost and date of considerable up to take a license. So take taking license when in camp. You can save the cost and date of it.

It is cheaper if you take the licence took at training camp. Usually will be balanced takes place about 20-250000 camp if around 300000. Are electricity and water supply in the meantime, of course, included expenses.
When privacy is because it will have a private additional charges depending on the school will also reassuring. So to focus on training period in time is good.
Driving licence examination place if it wanted to save cost and time even more, the hand is one test too.
This license will denote 50000 yen or so. However, it is time to reshoot it is taken once the license is to use. From accidents is not too challenging but no driving experience, such as pass tests, passed luck start too no?.
When you license after training camp and took the license 抑えましょう extra spending driving.


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