[Travel and travel: how to save petrol

Drive and travel became more and more use of air conditioning, gas Lynn Lowndes petrol cheaper even a little season 20 are piling up, I want. “Where deemed some way, even a little petrol floating cage Shaoxing.

Put gas in their place

Be sure gasoline without tourist followed the departure point for locals!
Petrol is comparatively high set in the tourist areas.
And understood especially arenas price display petrol looking car license plates and it is not a local, higher in the refueling petrol. Also if you just put gas in the tourist makes use of self-service gas リンスタンド is recommended.

Put gas in the Quo card

Some gas stations, in Quo card payment available. If, in Quo card can is discount voucher shop, in the face than because the sale typically cheaper to refueling.

Finding track Highway

It runs behind a large truck as a highway running less air resistance if you like, and not wasting power.
Air resistance is considerably larger, especially its large highway, affects fuel economy.
Cycle race and the marathon even care to wind resistance, and second to give hands is for such reasons.
Anyway, the highway as possible find the rectangle larger tracks, running behind!
※ Without taking a cruise to put behind the tracks is dangerous. In addition to look bad, be careful enough to drive!

Tire air pressure to overbuy

Before getting on the highway to keep enough air pressure in tires.
Also, put air extra 10% to 15% than normal air pressure can expect improvement in fuel efficiency. Be the extra 100 km, 3 km long distance.

Do not use air conditioning

Summer is classic conditioning.
But said fuel efficiency 10% worse by air conditioning. You can simply just simply use air conditioning to prevent wasted gasoline consumption.


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