Petrol savings

Longer car is indispensable to everyday life there. It is petrol headaches! Introducing the only even cheaper methods.

Do not fill

And to fill up the tank, weight and heavy influence increasingly to the fuel.
Petrol nearby or not, so appreciate or let’s stop it without to fill. One hand is just cramming luggage waste for similar reasons.

Adjust the air pressure

Air pressure decreases and tires, continues to run.
Adverse effects, such as reduced air pressure and fuel consumption and risk of punk get worse…. Because some will adjust the air pressure in the free petrol, let’s ask.

Do not use petrol, highways and tourist attractions

When heading to the tourist should fill it cheap local and when to use the highway stands. Tourist destinations and motorway petrol stations is due to higher prices.
Especially the price of not writing comes to say more locals in the higher price. Early measures is essential to not waste so far.

Do not use air conditioning

Kick off your air conditioning when not needed.
When running, is also put up with Windows open hand. Once caught in traffic jams up to use air conditioning. From the stroke become more is better.


Only you can do this and small. But also the accumulation continues every day varies. First, why don’t you start?


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