How to enjoy the drive to reduce carsickness

I’m in the Constitution to carsickness often

You cannot drive or outings come in.
So, so give travellers the waste so I even
Ready to reduce carsickness, drive and travel more enjoyable

Including I looked some or no way, I have tried.

• Car drunk but happen to begin with why?
In our body “to the outside world position for now, what, where

Located? “seems to be”to determine spatial orientation”.
It was built by vision and sense of balance and muscle movements
Crumbling spatial orientation and that it is unstable, from discomfort

Seems lead to stomach discomfort, such as the autonomic nervous system disorder.
In addition, space was closed and the smell of car depending on who is

Also weak, or is causing car sickness you like.

• How to deal with various
[Seen as distant]
Slowly because change of scenery will help keep the sense of balance.

Also considered directions cars if Yu do good it is. [Stances to head wear body sheet to posture.

[Window open fresh air].

※ Don’t flat out to Windows for high speed, dangerous.
[When driving a car]
By driving yourself is not, only if you have a license


Understand the movement of the car because you can predict lasting sense of balance.
[絞めない stomach]

Stomach pressure and feeling like easy-to-turn for the worse.
[To sunglasses]

Seems fine for Visual information, such as out-of-view cam.
[On the falling books or mobile head on, close your eyes]
So, to shut down the Visual information reach balance and

Balance of the canals is back.
[Stimulates acupressure points with carsickness]
-Tone (the Chief umpire) palm heart in a needle
Ballpoint pen or thumb opposite irritating how pointy things 10 times.
-In from the crease Seki (lit ) Palm and wrist during
After moving to the side of approximately 3 cm elbow Barnacle
Muzzles stimulated by thumbnail lightly against there a million ball

And you put a tape and plasters effect of autonomic nervous system in place there.

[Eat food to minimize motion sickness:
Salivary canals is ready.

Ingredients to quieting the lining of the stomach and nausea is minimized.
> > I think the strongest way.

The difficult and is easily and at non-family car (laughs)
System of Government point here!
So think cause intoxicated by various

I think of trying out various?.
I would, in their cars and family cars and driving

When they open a window and often easier. Effect is likely and barnacle press, heard from acquaintances!


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