The Director chose [film] Director income from merchandising

Introduction to the story of George Lucas ‘Star Wars’ film director

Income as a Director to Japan Yen at that time Star Wars production when about 5 yen, 0.
Tried Fox Director fees onto 20 century, Lucas did not receive it.
-Instead of rights sequel production rights, publication rights, soundtrack, (related collectibles) merchandise, etc.
Movie must hit rubbish, but if requested various attachment of.
Why taking story of Director fees puts the right merchandise (related collectibles), etc. You require?
With 20 Century Fox thought.
For Fox’s ‘Dr. Dolittle’ Public Theater in 1967, when 20 century
Jointly with America’s largest toy company Mattel, watches, hats, such as medicine box Kit It had deployed Dolittle toy.
But this film is Moss, コケた toy.
Fox made a pile of stock of goods, could not understand why Lucas insists the merchandise rights specifically. Even resulted in street results, much more than than star wars all 6 work (including special science, video, DVD revenues). widgets


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