Guide to different temperatures of clothes

At the time of the rainy season or seasons is a seasonal daily temperature changes as well, large temperature difference between day.
Isn’t suffering from daily clothing probably many do. In the temperature of the weather we introduce how to guess the dress.

Temperature for best dressed

Highs above 25 ° c = > short sleeve one piece, where
Less than 25 ° c highs > long sleeve t-shirt
Up less than 20 ° c temperature = > + thin with long-sleeved shirt piece jacket knitted or 羽織れる
But less than 16 ° c maximum temperature = > winter sweaters and turn
Less than 12 ° c highs ⇒ coats & boots Lowest temperature below 5 ° c = > gloves and scarves is good


This summer, saving is important however, offices and supermarkets,
I think that there won’t be room air-conditioning is at stake.
Also, cold night, in a sudden rain rainy season also.
Whopping, 1 m / s wind speed increases each to about 1 ° c lower feel!
Preparing a coat and scarf, accessories, so that you can wear off at any time Would be nice!



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