[Cafe introduction] Roman Records Cafe @ gakugei University

Spend leisurely time with coffee in the Cafe
So like I and gradually introduce your favorite cafe.

This is, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo.
Introducing theRoman Records Cafe (ロマンレコーズ Cafe)“”.

And pulls open a sliding glass
Calming blue and white walls and light wooden tables,
Spacious sofa seats will be welcomed.

Nice and rare Music Manager’s attention flows in the shop
I think that loose anyway, best of Café!

Tucked away on a busy street in so is near the station.
Cosy retreat like good ^ ^

The friendly manager says so friendly…
Enjoy lunch or coffee in person, feel free to do!

Able, one cup coffee is drip politely.
Culinary professional, so quite often enjoys night!

Song music and flowing in the shops at manager says
If anything they liked, CD, or to so, sales
Want spacious music like people, who likes coffee, come on people…
Recommend Cafe you want.

System of Government Roman Records Cafe (ロマンレコーズ Cafe)

[URL] http://romanrecordscafe.P1.bindsite.jp/

[Address] 2-20-4-Hawk Meguro-Ku, Tokyo, Ito Bldg. 102
[TEL] 03-6412-8841
[OPEN] 12:00? 24:00 (weekday) ( holiday ) 12:00 ~ 26: 00 12:00 ~ 21:00 Sundays and holidays
(Holidays even is and the rest Monday [CLOSE])
※ Gakugei University Station East shopping mall turn Gast, 1 minute walk from the, first T-shaped road to turn left.

[“Roman Records Cafe name = googleMap (ロマンレコーズ Cafe)”, 2-20-4-Hawk, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo, Ito Bldg. [/googleMap]


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