[Coffee brewing: home brew coffee in an easy way

At a pinch, I wanted to make delicious coffee and

What generally require

And Dripper
Paper filter
-Pot or kettle
Measures spoon
-Coffee beans

Align them quite difficult.
However, only coffee beans enters hand easily neighborhood supermarkets.

In one common home how easy to make coffee.
So was introduced at the coffee shop often go
So we toured brewing photos here.

System of Government shall STEP1 be prepared

-Tea pot
-Tea strainer
And only takes
-Coffee beans ( things that grind )

※ No is okay if it can substitute other than coffee beans.

STEP2 one before?? quantities

-Coffee beans 12 g
※ 2 Tablespoons or approximately 2 tablespoons spoon when eating Curry,
And 200 cc with boiling water

System of Government into STEP3 one before coffee beans intact pot

200 Cc water boiling teapot put coffee beans.
“In tea brewing manner! “Put, place 2-4 minutes.

Become excessive extraction and 4 or more thick and bitter eliminating delicious, please note.

System of Government repeatedly taking Fido STEP4 tea strainer and pour the coffee pot Cup.

It is finished!

[Point here! 】

Even though taking Fido tea strainer and repeatedly, is the slightly murky coffee
It is very tasty and seem intended for natural coffee this haze effect.


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