[World three major music awards international Tchaikovsky competition


Nearly 120 contest is registered in the international music competitions.

Introduce one Tchaikovsky International competition of the three major competitions in.
International Tchaikovsky competition??
International Tchaikovsky competition ( – Kokusai – a British International Tchaikovsky Competition ) is

Competition of classical music will be held in Moscow.
[Summary] In honor of composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky of Russia, will be held in Moscow every four years from 1958. Initially only the violin and piano was a review. Cello 2 competition held from 1962, joined the vocal music department from 1966. Violin maker Division compete for production technology of the violin family of instruments and bows from 1990, is located. Held and passed one year pending overlap repair Moscow Music Academy Hall, and the FIFA World Cup 2006, sponsorship reasons such as the 13 competition held in the 6/2007 left from the last five years.

A competition has produced many prominent artists. Competitions are organized by prominent Russia musicians from Committee, operated by the Russian State Concert Company ( Sodruzhestvo ). Also prominent musicians, music professors, Music Director, former competition winners by a gang of international judges are elected, involved in the determination of winners, music review. Competitions in the current scheme, held in June, three qualifiers performed including preliminary examination. ( imposed until the third preliminary examination without the Soviet ) was being honored initially, until the eighth number order. At the 2007 total 26 4 prizes, awards will be awarded the respectively male and female vocal category with 6 awards, each instrument category. Historically, including first place, is also applicable to the award of one with no or multiple performers was elected. You can apply for anyone until the 1970s, was available for music and (was until the contestant for tourism purposes).

After age surge drove in droves, had become 進めなく in 1st stage elite in domestic qualifying, but. Despite having repeat subscription and unsubscription AAF, sponsor of the weak points, that has produced a first-class soloists in real estate. Seek the trio also to play the Concerto, terms have been redesigned from the FY 2011 Department appeared, such as “exceptional” ability is not changed. Also the method you selected uniformly DVD screening and screening method to elect the elite in domestic qualifying, was renewed.

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So are many Oriental award recently,

In Western as home of classical music “issue of”, that is.
  Winner category??

Piano, violin, cello, vocal and instrument production sector.
  [Mayuko kamio]
Won 13 Tchaikovsky International コンクールヴァイオリン Department 6/2007

[Pommersfelden in 2007 Tchaikovsky International Cello Competition 3rd Division] [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEX-cTUrlf4]


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