Benefits and learn how to instrument

It is recommended to learn was his instrument. Also, provides recommendations, such as a school to learn a musical instrument.

Advantages of absolute pitch

Absolute pitch comes to be out playing instruments such as piano,
 There are a lot.
 Only absolute, hearing the sound pitch and what is that sound is understood.
Copy when I first heard the music, have the absolute pitch can be
So you even purchase music, can play Allows you to write the music.

I feel good, weak mind of instruments in each person.

Keyboard instruments such as piano good, is my instrument in most
To because you can’t hold a chord well fingers stringed instruments such as guitar,
 Not weak and rather than playing.
But friend is the middle finger of the left hand’s middle finger of his right hand Teuri, even
 It is 2 cm long.
 I do not know whether it is due, are good at guitar so.
And from instruments, respectively, who are good at different, lots of musical instruments there of? I thought.

When choosing a school let me charge lots of school brochures.

Many schools of music.
To be helpful or school of music where the easy-to-learn most of
 Your brochure request.
As if the claim from many schools,
 You can compare. Also, you can slowly and watch your favorite time to.

You can enjoy the children’s music school

Want to made Anne in children and how you think the
 Let me introduce the featured music classroom.
Yamaha music classroom like Kawai music classroom I think you can learn the music while children enjoy very.

Busy towards featured schools

通いましょう music school can at any time.
 Even after your job to learn music at night school.
Because the reservation where can spare time to attend, so you
 A busy person, very useful. Also, you can choose the number of weeks, even better!

Is the introduction of the school of music.

May, Ann music school is in Shibuya-ku
 Is learning very featured music school.

Ann music school is a private tutorial school.
  System of Government en-music school official site



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