Getting started with the piano


I learn the piano past 11 years,
Still playing.
It seems to begin from this. It is advice.


  1. And not start from the children anyway good to have,…
    And think of and probably would, not like that.
    Starting piano when important is heard.
    Is of course important finger point # 1 is “hear well.
    Going from learned musical notes and rests, long beats.
    Now, and playing this song is also the rhythm and tempo does not come to the head.
    Because you can have playing piano classes and lessons, teachers would have no big problem.
    It is difficult at that point myself.
    Is a good video posting sites, such as referring to the
    I think songs which are too difficult. It makes great first step can often hear songs playing the song.

Notes and tips

  • At least 通わなく, piano classes, lessons, I would look to bring music, where you can flip it good?.


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