Skips are revived in the way


How to revert to their original state when the sound of it flying wounded. Absolute or not but is not good source test?

And Polish put toothpaste on gauze. For the fine abrasive particles will fill the scratches of is valid. However, with the salt はやめましょう

Plastic cleaner & Polish Is basically the same toothpaste and principle. Or used to deal with LD scars

-Rub the wound with magic Principle of scratches to fill? Listen well

-Can heal and wipe moisture from sleep over 2 hours in the refrigerator… However, is temporary, so too is not valid may be.

Tanabe Aburi fire and boil five minutes.
Do one for a wipe moisture just like brand new… Risk is too high.


The above is not a way always skips heal. So could only try when I’m going to throw away.



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