Tips choosing headphones

Point of choosing good headphones

One and two call comfort

And take a high quality headphones, but painful ear, anyhow. From there are individual differences in it, is himself using over-the-counter went to try it.
Note that “dressing” instead of “listen”. Not headphones, listen in noisy audio equipment performance is not known. So call first in-store feel, to show otherwise, design and price level is acceptable.


Take comfort if you like: is performance, as written on the performance I in-store. However, what is the standard.
It is the price. Is not that much more expensive high-performance, with over $20000 for headphones, enough said professional, high-quality products. Depending on your purpose and budget for each person?

Enclosed or open-air type

Enclosed and open-air type say larger headphones that is good to know even the novice will. Open-air type can be big annoying people around because sound leaking Grand outside as the name suggests,.
Open-air type is not public. Especially the cheap headphones are often open-air type careful (open-air type there are luxury goods). Even if you don’t know either, apparently enclosed or open-air type view, is always package requires confirmation.

Special features

If the purpose is clearly to how to choose a special feature. See is good surround sound headphones to avoid twisted when heard in the packed train code expire buy Cordless type is hand. Noise canceling headphones also delivers power noisy aircraft in such places.


“Short life compared to other audio equipment is my headphones,. Is intense, especially degradation of parts directly touching the body, such as hair and ear hair. Depending on replacement of consumables and repairs in this case is tell is to ask is whether is would the user is important for, unfortunately I do not know. However, are making headphones from old from my experience, and that big companies are assured that it is.


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