Tickets get way stick, also sold out!

The ticket immediately popular performances are sold out! Still, give up. That is how to introduce.

[How to] on the first day of release

As far as possible on the first day of release, ticket PIA who lined up with shops!
To phone many times and again in the Web that is a hand, and easily over the wire.
Release time expired 30 minutes finally connected sold ( crying ).
It also may be.
Ticketing machine shop links immediately compared with it, basically.
Hands may call it while sorting I over-the-counter competition rate is high, it only! The establishment of the higher good!

If the [special]

Also good luck SA… sold out release date also lined the ( crying )
Such people don’t give up!
People without tickets, but also to ensure good seats to throw and tickets
Be able to transfer payment date is cancelled [tickets] is there.
It is 狙い目!
Cancellation at flows from 10 a.m. next day ticketing period on the first day of ticket.
Roughly, one week is standard, a certain date is it 問い合わせち!
“I’m bought tickets to 00 date, ticketing period is forever was foretelling (sweat)” it says Ok.
The may day cancelled minutes 10: the day after the date go.
Tickets had sold out to revive the unexpected good can gain seats. If you cannot get on the first day but never give up!


-Was just repeating this, somehow managed to get the tickets. Please luck patiently.

↓ ticket PIA WEB site is here.



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