the simplest music, videos on youtube

Provides a way to download music and videos from youtube. Is not a tool used, the download site. As well as a changing membership not required.

Materials required

  • Environment Watch YouTube


  1. issue I want to download the YouTube video page.
  2. “Fire” and add to the URL on.
      Example ) “” ←’s video wanted “” and Add.
  3. Jump to a different site. I think will lead to “TUBEFIRE” site.
  4. Click the format converting TUBEFIRE convert download from and download. If ※ video mp4, music, mp3.
  5. You can download goes to click “proceed to download” → “to agree to the terms and conditions to download” “DownLoad” and “start conversion”. ※ “Service Unavailable” or “error” view does end up leaving your reload page.

Notes and tips

  • Enjoy the range of copyright infringement.


so use eBay and amazon other than youtube and try it.



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