[Zico’s first starring movie] Yang Marin’s eleven

Zico soccer God starred in the past
“Yang Marin’s eleven” “do you know the movie? So very rare here.

Yang Marin’s eleven “and the

“Yang Marin’s eleven ‘ (original title-Uma Aventura de Zico ズィッコ adventure) Brazil film of 1998. Japan undisclosed.

Synopsis from wikipedia ( )

Boys soccer team was singled out from the various layer by Zico. Zico copy from the mortification of gene research company President’s son fell in the back from the selection and make a new Zico’s team was intriguing. However, one elected member of Zico selection and misrepresent sex girls find Zico accident. Copy machine (?
) by Zico was divided into strict Zico and hilarious Zico’s “ジーコピー” surprised the two teams to direct things become. Stories move along the relationship between wealthy and poor, racial, gender, adults and children enjoy the football without equal in the theme.


This film only highlight the like a synopsis.
Instead of Zico collect boy’s strongest soccer team making スポーツハートフル film
Advances the story and Zico clone ” ブラックジーコ ” appears,
It is said that Zico’s team and ブラックジーコ team to confront
This is outrageous deployment.
Particularly highlight the Zico and ブラックジーコ
Zico is digested 2 post so far!
Moreover, when Zico is a little ブラックジーコ, darkly hilarious funny!
Zico itself of course brilliant football techniques showing off! If you are interested come see on DVD.

陽だまりのイレブン [DVD]
Yang eleven Hardball [DVD]

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Geneon Entertainment (2004-10-08)
Sales rank: 139057


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