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This is the English ゲーリーリネカー (FW).
Players, a fair called ‘Mr. clean’
1991, Awarded the FIFA fair play award.

Elected in 1999, in the 20 century world soccer magazine’s great football 100 players ranked 36.
Especially great is the FIFA (International Football Federation) presenting awards for individuals

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[Gary Lineker]
Gary Winston Lineker OBE ( Gary Winston Lineker OBE, 11/30/1960-),
England, Leicester-born former England national football players. FW: position

Many things are referred to as Gary Lineker, Gary Lineker.
Born as the son of a greengrocer, in 1974, joining local club team Leicester City.
First was convened in Scotland against the 5/26/1984 the England national team.
In the 1986 World Cup Mexico tournament just before the wrist injury and played with applied plaster,
What are the primary League last Poland battle to achieve hat-trick in the first half alone, including six points shine scoring King,…
Include 4 scores in the 1990 World Cup Italy tournament, the tournament since Bryan Robson after the

Acted as the joint captain.
In the goodwill games and made England representative ordinal second successive 48 points in 5/17/1992 Brazil
Could not remove PK got himself, along with representatives of 49 points standings Bobby Charlton.

Leave record scoring took place immediately after the European Championship even retired from the England national team. England national team scoring 80 Cap 48 ordinal. World Cup ordinal 12 games scoring 10 contestants.

He scored 333 ordinal.
1984-85 Season at Leicester City f.c., 24 points
1985-86 Season, with 30 points and Everton 1989-90 Season, Tottenham won third scorer with 24 points.

Was a record at the Club all different.
1993 J League opener at moved to Nagoya Grampus. J League maximum salary (300 million yen) at the time was.
However, said the J. League at that time “fit in”
For thin yet familiar, also suffered injuries, as is his style of play around the hope in the J-League While not playing second year 1994 season end retired career with after ( League against ordinal 18 games scoring 4 contestants ).

From source: wikipedia

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