[Statue of a footballer] Valderrama Colombia

Introducing the football players built up the statue.

And the football player?
Colombia football hero Carlos Valderrama (MF)

Where the statue of

Colombia Santa Marta Magdalena, stadium before
Size of the

6 Meters in height and weighs 7 tons

Moreover, it is built in the 40-year-old was still active.

If you look at the career, everybody understands 
[Carlos Valderrama]

Person?? The minor highways pass-thru one key points sourced from the inside kick is notable for the strength and speed, but the breadth of vision and precise, unmatched opponents defense in the narrow area with weapons. He 111 games that played from the 1980s until the late 1990s, along with Rene Higuita and Faustino asprilla and as a central player in the national Colombia international A match.
Colombia President attacks starting from Valderrama and balls are almost always over the Valderrama. Also, unique appearance of blonde Afro also gained popularity.
Also parents and siblings in black, his white skin is considered as white, white skin only one family.
( has said for several generations before white is atavism or )
For football had a distinctive hairstyle Coast nature and say the gold.

Also, a brother and also played as a professional football player in Colombia, a similar hairstyle.
Representative system of Government Bolivia, Paraguay 1987 Copa América in the national football Colombia, into C ranked pairs semi-finals. Chile, losing in the semifinals, won the third place play-off with Diego Maradona Argentina.

That he won the most valuable player award in the same year South over the years.
After the FIFA World Cup ( following Cup ) so central players ( both the captain Jersey number 10 ) as active
Led Colombia France tournament 1998 American meeting, 1994, Italy meeting, 1990. Beat Argentina historical margin with 5-0 in the American W Cup South American qualifying final, 1993 decided the W Cup finals appearances.

In the same year, Valderrama has won second South America annual most valuable player award.
In 1999, was elected in 20 century world soccer magazine’s great football 100 players rank. 3/2004, The only selection from Colombia ‘great football 100 players”.

From source: wikipedia



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