How to treat the wood bat

Is a store and a wooden bat care tips


Is dropping, such as the mud adhering to bat as a wooden bat care how. It is stuffing wood is known as a way to increase resilience.
So Quicken bat muzzles and bovine femur. This is take the total weight. Will hand bones of cattle, elusive, from beer bottles such as okay as a substitute.

How to store

Location out of sunlight, let’s keep in Wind Street and good location.
In this case, recommended instead of the nanay edges, stand vertically or, or put you next to completely. Because from also possible get warped by NONAME keep bat is a creature called the “tree”.

Strike right towards wood bat

Unlike the metal baseball bat and hit the ball to wood bats.
Mark of the manufacturer, such as the bat, the ball not to hit that mark please. Hit the real behind the stamped and engraved bat would be broken easily.



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