Storage and maintenance of the baseball glove

Important globe is essential to baseball. A leather glove is possible, minimize solid tips for grooming and storage can use many.

Globe type collapse to prevent the storage point

During practice and is a sight better during the match down the globe sideways on bench, things.
Is there are a lot of things so casually go with which nature and lying sideways can cause type collapse.
Part of the thumb and little finger supporting the globe put it (and in portrait orientation inside the globe under the put), not easy collapse type is.
At home, when carrying put inside the bag, do not use globe ball into pocket to keep things that is important.
Globe is the ball is in the best condition. And ball to put keep intact, the so called “globe crackers” type you would so crumble, note.

Is maintained, even after practice

I think one of the important Grove care practice.
After finished daily practice, is ideal to 乾拭き (criticizing oil) oils soaked towel.
Oil paint is about 1 times per week, or look at the condition of the leather, Satsuki started to paint better.
And too much paint oils, remember things say globe type and easy to become insecure, or heavy and rather good.
Oil fill who fill solid oil thin Pocket Office first.
Out of pocket and received the ball to leather stretches, so easy to do wrinkles wrapping towels finger go up towards the middle of the Pocket to wipe. Outside of the globe too thin, solid oil let’s paint to stretch.
Still thin liquid oil if from the above, is none the less good and will paint to stretch. Plastered worn easy to become desiccated, because only here with oil directly to GIMP,!
Thing absolutely put glove hand polishing when polishing glove.
Prevent type collapse by doing so, will become familiar with their hands. Let’s put some good care ” painted oils, airy place.
Globe on baseball is a precious treasure on. You remain important to good use I would soon improve isn’t or.



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