[Anime] ‘Opera Milky Homes detective’ 2 year broadcast information

“Opera Milky Homessucceeded in putting the charm in a sense different from the game detective” was animated again. NET are delivered so check required!

To broadcast the anime ahead of games and animated it went well with great success in the Opera Milky Homesdetective’ 2 year
Now, let’s explain any animated for phase 2 know one term ago. Worldview has special abilities that the toys of future they collide as Kaito and detective.
Milky Homesis a hero in four female talk…. Of would have thought what is doing here’s is a gag me much. It is clean in distress for selling anime again not far is do whatever you want. Others praise the “this is terrible,” is not.
1, 2 Story one-girl still better off without the interest was disappointing for the show in the middle of so many. However, from a fight over it. Could laugh about causes the collapse of the abdominal muscles. Phase 2 of its popularity will tells the airing.
Well, is essential for duration, is are the following.
TOKYO MX 1/5/2012 (Thursday) start every Thursday 23:00-
BS, tele 1/5/2012 (Thursday) start every Thursday 26 : 00-
TV Kanagawa 1/7/2012 (Saturday) start every Saturday 25 : 00-
Daily broadcasting 1/7/2012 (Saturday) start every week at 26: 58-
-Start TV Aichi 1/8/2012 (Sunday) Sunday Feb 25: 05- And TVQ Kyushu broadcasting 1/8/2012 (Sunday) every Sunday start day 26: 30-
Internet delivery Nikoniko video 1/9/2012 (Monday) start every Monday 2:30-( delivery 1 week free )
Also has one rebroadcast TOKYO MX 12/30/2010 (Thursday) start every Thursday 23:00-
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