[Animation]-second story 3 decide to continue watching

Lots of anime is aired every season. It is midnight finish in one of the coolest ones borders are often heavy turnover. However, it is difficult to see it all. It is recommended to determine the audience.

In the novel, first few pages is said bout. Because if you read and advance the considerable time, in the first few pages are interesting whether read and read from there are a lot of people who decide it is.
The anime? There is gaming in episode 1 and unfortunately it is less surprising.
I tend to be interesting in speaking or failure all failed in episode 1, anime, rather go 2 story, 3 stories and strong. It is so often anime place bout 3 talk about.
I regretted that stop the show from episode 1 disappointing is good talk. So, good will and to judge if a fun animation try look at patient through 3 stories.


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