[Anime] Kilmy Baby 2011 broadcast information

Is airing of the anime, ” Kilmy Baby”.

Now being serialized in manga time Kirara Carat, ” Kilmy Baby” anime is it broadcasting 1/2011 more gradually.
The airing time is as follows:
-1/5 Every Thursday night from 1:25 (‘s first time at midnight from 1:45 )
-1/16 Every Monday night from 2:50
-1/19 Every Thursday night from 2:00 -2/4 Every Saturday night from 1:00
For now, this is funny?
You say the synopsis… Also, though not necessarily story in particular stories. Basically Gunslinger Girl Sonja’s classmates and goes out, only this. Everytime the shadowed Sonja in a variety of topics, and ease that story put tsukkomi inexorably.
So profound story is not so bad and not suitable for a person totally. Like fiery tsukkomi and blooming like a comic story is orientation who do not care that much.

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