Figure making homebrew!

It is a rough figure homebrew recipe.

Materials required

  • PuTTY
  • Design knife
  • Sand paper
  • File bar
  • Has
  • Paint
  • Airbrush
  • Painted handwriting


  1. First make a rough shape PuTTY.
    So, things from PuTTY hardens furiously PCs etc. in knife design trim available Roughly so it would… On a crispy has 作っちゃ feeling.
  2. The smooth surface after curing PuTTY. If necessary, such as sandpaper or stick files use best.
  3. Art completes finally is painted. Airbrush finished beautifully painted is recommended!
    … But so unsuitable a finely detailed painting painted detail brush, that is best in hand-painted.
  4. Spraying finishing has completed.


It is quite fun to own! Guys, let’s try!


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