[Comic] Tezuka Osamu insect revival! Now I want to read two books

Has published many books written about the Tezuka Osamu. While the familiar place where is two books: hear the story of the people who had worked with Sir.

35 Years ago now I had Assistant at Tezuka, was when Dr. played play hit “Black Jack”. Figures were he served as Chief Assistant was Kazuyoshi Fukumoto said at that time. Until his death Dr. Tezuka Fukumoto said is was continued made the works had been together.
What is written “I passed deadline Tezuka, Professor! “It is a book.
Real or from a can like write, but who knows from the appearance of Dr. Tezuka’s daily up to work on things, what far happened on the field side character of teacher up to him. Author’s attention to nothing effective to personality, precious testimony of content easier to read and know the real image of Osamu Tezuka.
Is the second book is a tome of untold story Black Jack creation was serialized in weekly shōnen champion, occasional work.
Story configured covered Assistant who also this piece was produced side story detailed in, has talked about appearance for a creative writing teacher at that time (it is one I also undertook interviews). Teacher comes out in the work’s appearance, overflowing with humanity as never seen ago, and ugoten are drawn. This is the teacher seen from those who were close to artistic as well as in the previous book.


Read two books and various events at the time was 20 reminds us clearly.
That vote is still I treasure. Would we know a realistic image of Tezuka Osamu!, you also.


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