[Art] a solid practice part 2

Work to convert the 3D to 2D and struggles when it draw a picture? But when it does not improve, try this exercise would suggest.

Replace the 3D to 2D is very difficult.
写せば what I saw in the eyes as you do. The only real replacing the 3D to 2D? okay.
It’s actually the have the depth of the picture isn’t or. The depth seen if you want to truly stereoscopic picture, try this exercise method.
Consider: as practice capture 3D. Sounds kinda hard so patiently for offices.
It’s not easy. Solid paint alphabet only. B, A, unlike mere cubic holes punched into curve, quite difficult. Up to A~Z for the time being let’s draw one kind
How did you find? Would be considerably with struggling. Let’s start from first practice from 1. Once accustomed to now draw from various directions. Also I would bump into the walls.
Can draw from what direction end let’s draw multiple alphabets side by side in various directions. In order not only underground it’s also good. It said up to consider the depth could be interesting.
Which the smoothly if the draw probably nourished with a force equivalent to capture 3D.


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