[Art] draw a person, from the skeleton

Though I want to draw pictures of the exuberance of a man well can’t draw…. Wall hit anyone who has painted the figures isn’t or. However, therefore the solution have been taken in.

Draw the exuberance of a person’s tricks is drawn from the skeleton.
That ultimately remains waste of effort and only draw for the skin and clothing, also, to draw it firmly will completed heavily involved. From the easy-to-imagine to see unreasonable developments as drawing frame or why care, only the surface is not captured, furthermore invisible plane is.
Do not draw anything elaborate skeleton. Introduction of will can measure much capture the movement of heavy bodies. If bone contour to take is hard to imagine the invisible part of clothing and muscle draw will be easy. And in skeletal 見通したら movements of the body, then we’ll put muscle. Any skeletal muscle stretching is should become clear than just look at. Finally draw the clothes!
“Draw the motion picture is underlying efforts truly invisible. That drop seen in 2D, so difficult that simple Let’s start from this place.


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