[Art] has to be good does not excuse.

It has able to expose the their drawings in the spread of the Internet anyone easily. Only just published, of course, not a purpose.
Comment is expected. But a comment unless the poignant great barons also comes back and not look round at all…. When such an excuse preachy or does not say that?

When you review a picture to someone, no such excuses?
And put too much time could not.
And is rough…
And started drawing is 1 month.
-A 00 first draw etc

Still there is many words of excuse.
Isn’t though you may be using it? However, if you say no progress I. No help and acquire the habit of making up, failing at is from the end. Such people cannot progress I’m.
So how do?
The answer is simple.
Cannot be an excuse to draw, and firmly catch the poignant comment is. So is not really harassing comments just for the good to eliminate will. However, weak I know it hurts to hear comments, even. Keep without running off from there. If so, take a long time also results changes.
It is also important to determine the situation firmly. For example, cartoon-like illustrations were more realistic exhibition?? It is for people who see the outsider, is undesirable.
I do not look round, crafty words put may be ending. If you publish this net are the same. Know the trend of the public properly. Users tend to be even each field of the same public. It is if you Polish the arms, their aims and in the same way good.
Progress is most can not be thrown into the emotions. Firmly ahead myself without being deceived by the poignant words get away without it good luck.


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