If figure bought on Hane paint and color

I bought a long-awaited figure Hane paint and color is not. It had replaced the manufacturers at dirt is nice. However, easy and drop items if so, is this how??

-Eraser Please try rubbed lightly so far fall well white Eraser Eraser not darker, Cass.
Melamine sponge Originally is a sponge bath or kitchen for you can clean without anything lightly rubbing the surface.
-Remover Drop nail polish can drop paint similar to what mixing acetone remover.
-V color paint thinner
A very powerful, just drop the paints will dissolve even the minute unevenness of PVC. Also inhaling solvents, no adhesion or directly of the indoor ventilation, please be careful.


Note to not disappeared until the original paint also and not just dirt, 10 minutes to do.


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