Inverted become good practice method

But inverted can somehow Gymnasts so it is difficult to clean like static.
When I have resided in the high school, gymnastics Division
So you could grab the inverted tricks in practice was taught Introducing the practice law.

Wall inverted orientation

In school physical education classes, such as gymnastics has never been better I have practiced once wall inverted.
Perhaps the wall standing,
About the hand in front of the wall toe wall. I had a little of how that practice inverted sense,.

However, wall inverted I learnt that
It was with the stomach wall to inverted. In other words, is to the opposite wall inverted image of a general.

Wall inverted in the gymnastics practice method

How do the following.
  Squatting down with both hands, to the back wall.
  On wall making like to walk in inverted form.
  Or, in the stomach wall peel when the inverted orientation
  Elsewhere along the wall turning cartwheels, just above the foot has Make the shape of an inverted foot wall.
But was inverted from turning cartwheels all AHA in gymnastics A straight of not turning cartwheels may be difficult.
  Hands on, with the inverted, by one hand They staggered towards wall little by little.
※ Please always is in their hands to.
  Hands, shoulders, hips and legs which became vertically shaped
  To clean an inverted attitude, so to remember the sense of the State. The trick is weight to conscious to take on their shoulders.

Why put the stomach wall

If inverted toward the wall, to understand and see Figure
The State, along the body and put foot wall just the minutes go head Posture balance cannot be will be still in the inverted State.
I think the sense is inverted, that It is still doing inverted it difficult many times.
Only if wall inverted to change orientation
So, to grip the sense is inverted to inverted straight pretty well, You can grab tricks still beautiful for it.


If you practice inverted, uneasy
Let multiple people change and so does not fall, in an unexpected direction. Lay, Matt also is effective.
With people and things around during a practice and also fall
Or hitting the foot may be dangerous, because… Care not to injure give 10 minutes.


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