Tools required for snowboard

It is from this winter sports season. Want to try snowboarding! Or isn’t it probably is. ( I is. ) to tell you about the tools need to be looking for snowboarding.


  1. ¥ 30,000 Board, snowboarding is 90,000 yen. Good products, and more.
    You might think roughly 40,000 yen position. Got the Board about the length of the State and long length is so good just between the nose from the jaw from the floor. So per jaw length easy to turn from the floor beginners who suggest we are. Also, width is thicker than thin ones. This is from the ease of the turn.
    Select the hardness is softer ones. 10,000 Yen binding is 40,000 yen.
    Also, think about and roughly 20,000 yen is good. Also, those that can’t reach the moment of buying the rental method. Snowboard and boots set is approximately 4,000 yen.


To fulfill requests for senior high is good and so not necessarily made. Are tools to each level was the best. You know, let’s ask clerk.



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