Selecting running shoes

Enjoy jogging is the point of choosing shoes.

First firmly decide goals and objectives

Before you buy, well let’s goal.
Daily run or run once in a while?
-One time how ( many times, what km ) run?
Or, run anywhere (road, River, Stadium, etc)
And I want to run half marathon wants to become like run-km
-Exercise how up to now, or Such as, so prefer to shop in Nice, let’s together easily in the head,.

Now let’s go to the store

Always go shop for running shoes. If you buy sport shops in have called the clerk running experience. Health is going to secure.
When the legs are damaged body balance has worsened. Also take appointments when you go to wear when running socks, wearing it, let us wear shoes.
It is best to go to evening feet are swollen top. After the walk from Hey, let’s go shop.

Consult the clerk

Goals and purpose together on clerk, let looking shoes to fit the size of the foot. 1 Size of the much larger ones are just right than their usually wear as the size. Because running a long time, room was a little more nice.
On 4-5 feet, just well, つかみましょう feel. When you run the wearing socks and wear shoes. Meet the heels, shoes strapped to let running little shop. Toe is what is good is about 5 mm. Also, verify that the power given in the entire foot.

The shoes also has various models

Arch has dented the shoes, and not made a dent. Pick the ones called flat type not pushed for beginners.


In choosing the perfect shoe, effect of jogging also rises automatically. Let’s think carefully.


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