Troubleshooting for drown.

Summer is especially water accident Panic when speedier, calm to deal with.


Lifesaver if, in the sea immediately and contact, get help.
If only if you help my Lifesaver as it does elsewhere, First call for an ambulance. Then all to the rescue.
When you help those who are drowning are absolutely obey.
That it will stay away from the frontFirestorm?
Emergency brain remove the limiter,
It is stronger than the usual power.
You can exert a unholy desire also drowning in a similarly named Survive. Then, to help such people from the front if… This is true.
That’s involved in going to help. It is so help never must be said from the front.
But what to do?
If passing the subterranean is best.
If you do not pull the throw ends, such as clothing and ropes, caught it.
You’re just not going to swim and somebody, please hold from behind. Please help ensure airway while Mu disregarding the opponent had a face on the water in under.
Going to help is important, important is also not caught up to more.

When land

Make sure the heart and breathing without stopping.
If you’re heart has stopped, above all, preferred heart massage.
Pretty strong momentum if the opponent is adult.
If you’re only breathing stopped, see artificial respiration. When water face side and vomited the organ so disappointing with care.
If there is a unique identifier, over the voice fall down.
Consciousness, then definitely give warm drinks. Warm up the body, paramedics after the wait.


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