Beach base balls

Is a triangular baseball of the 7-ball Beach base ball and sandy beaches.


-Normal baseball rules, basic, use a hard rubber ball (tee 12 issue) with a metal bat.
, Features a panoply of speedy to game development, such as limiting the foul after two strikes to up to five devices and the baseball more than enjoyable for largest. -Tagged settled compete for batting the ball levelled for the shootout.


In the Bund’s first National Convention was held in uchinada, Ishikawa 7/2009, 3rd year, total 80 Group (approximately 1000) joined from outside the Prefecture ビーチベース ball tournament was held. This tournament is Prefecture, uchinada, Education Center, town Chamber of Commerce, TV Kanazawa, Hokuriku broadcasting, FM Ishikawa, radio Shota-Komatsu-a, Kanazawa cable TV network and is sponsored by the appearance of the tournament will be posted weekly baseball and local newspapers.
For women and children can participate in the tournament, teams being joined in the family. Also, because the tournament has been held at the beach, or barbecue in between matches into the ocean are available.
[Successive championship team] Every year, high level of teams remain in the race until, or all team member Park narratives former koshien “YOKOHAMA GALAXY” won this year.
-No. 1 meeting:
   Winner: “SBC”
 Runner-up: “kahoku, F!”
   And no. 2 meeting:
   Winner: was spotty animal hospital
 Runner-up: “GLORY”
   And no. 3 meeting:
   Winner: “YOKOHAMA GALAXY” Runner-up: “HARUSEITA”


Try participating in next year’s competition is because is anyone can enjoy sports, invite friends and colleagues?.



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