[Tricks! : Easily relieved shoelace knots

When you bought a new strap shoes
Not walking, soon be possible to solve?
People tend to hit the road, such as sales program is like? Is the introduction of knots easily relieved to people.

Basic is a butterfly knot.

First of all, your shoelaces [butterfly knot > Street normally. ギューっと pull strings coming from underneath the knot one direction of the arrow in the picture.
However, when you pulled the strings below the not melting, on butterfly knot, so tweak knotted part of a firmly with your finger. From before and has 解けちゃ it, lol.
And pulling from the bottom when you are finished, pull on the butterfly.
Knot will be stiff enough to repeat it.


Roughly, each three times if this communication, is quite tightly to. Try!



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