Long-distance running better fatigue

Breath あがったり by jogging a little,
If that time has not increased in track and field distance running,
So it is not made is the proper way to run a lot.
Bad run and, by exhausting waste
走れなかったり long, and time will become a merit system. Long run when taught physical education teacher in junior high school, take care and therefore introduce the good.

Breathing smoke two spit out two times

Because long-distance running is aerobic exercise to better capture the oxygen is required.
Common is breathing smoke two spit out two times when you breathe.
Running rhythm to breathing and “スッスッハッハッ”
Daylight oxygen well will be less tired.
The trick is nose in spit in the mouth, and consider it spit out. In the amount of spit can breathe fresh air often.

Be aware of before moving rather than move up or down.

So repeatedly long same motion in long-distance running, even a little useless
Inherent time and motion is easily tired.
And running up and down while go leaping like, takes some time to go forward. I think good and to prevent as much as possible so that no vertical movement of the body awareness.


Run faster, it becomes depressed and inadvertently forces tends to forgets body. So get overworked for effect and wasting endurance 力まない to your awareness.


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