[Simple] how would like to run Sprint faster

How would like can quickly learned teacher of athletic student,
Because it reminds me of learned, introduce here.

System of Government points to run awareness

And start to ride speed is a little to leaning posture awareness.
-Aware of the sense of kicking the ground runs in stride a little.
-Open his elbow and swing arms increase quickly.

Well, that these points
Thigh up waving arm quickly,
Stride is called “stride”, is also carry foot easily and quickly.
Nature and therefore, I think that we ride speed.

However, when you shake the arms of slavishly to shake, not
I might consider the following points.

> > How well shake the arms
Drumming with Yue’s per, assuming
Splash down arms when the misery it bigger image to sound
Quickly see splash down arms.

Normally, and the arm swing rhythms often voices and 1, 2, 1, 2 and
I think and heels comes to float it.


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