The land produced three Olympic athletes at the same time

Where is the ratio of Hiei spur of Shiga Prefecture

What has produced players 3 people at the same time at the Athens Olympics.
   - Yuki OTA fencing athletes
     [Olympic results >
   9Th ( 2004: Athens )

Second ( 2008: Beijing ) ※ silver medal
   - Miya Tachibana synchronized swimming athletes
     [Olympic results >
   (1996) Atlanta Olympic team bronze
   Sydney Olympics (2000), Duet and team silver medal

(2004) Athens Olympic Duet and team silver medal – swim individual medley , Jiro Miki players

From source: wikipedia

To leave the Olympics much serious?

Given the terrible is that huh. [“ratio of Hiei spur googleMap = name”, ratio of Hiei spur [/googleMap]


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