How to enjoy bowling [term] hen

It is occasionally do bowling is fun. Get long-awaited, well done to enjoy! We remember me basic bowling terminology.

Shown below is bowling lanes around the simple diagram.

Before you play and keep in mind the following five terms would be better.


Is where you go to approach the ball rolling.


Groove on the side of the lane. Or, the ball pin refers to fall before reaching the ditch next to the. By bowling a ball falling ditch lane ( bumper ) equipment installed there ( seems to enjoy bowling in children and ).


Is where the pitching and run.


Dots drawn on the approach you. Depict interval five at 15 feet and 12 feet from the foul line.


Is depicted locations approximately 15 feet from the foul line seven triangles marked lanes on the. Is better to throw this placemark.

These terms were remembered? Think for the time being, please remember the term on easy-to-understand pitching series?. That, is the next bowling enjoy [ed ball]. Enjoy it!


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