How to choose if you want to watch a growing tree mixed martial arts Kickboxing seats

As the high seat SRS (special ring side) when you watch the martial arts, ticket close and powerful there’s high ticket necessarily good seats.

So will teach how to choose a seat at time of ticket purchase points.

Describes the original Korakuen Hall seating chart as an example, this time.
• Korakuen Garden Hall seating chart

Seat’s South

Microphone performance, position and say why South, photographer of their respective owners, including taking the ring below the South and from victory when filming can see the players in front if South.

Round girl, of course it turns side (laughs) Incidentally referee’s judgment is officials, including Commissioner, East and West to the North.

Should be noted that is a position Southeast of the corner post

The seat in the corner post diagonally to bother the corner post will very difficult to see.


Even when a good scene to bother the corner post ruin also very often.

And it’s near the southeast corner post especially want to note.

Broadcast cameraman up off the ring ropes here, so standing quite the distraction. It looks to buy high ticket back photographer is disappointed.

When you buy tickets to watch pressed the point, try choosing the seat.


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